Box #3: Yosemite National Park

“As though the enchantress of the woods had suddenly waved her magic wand o’er

the mountains, was this fairy scenery opened to our view. Thrilling sensations of awe
pervaded our senses, which, as we approached, gradually subsided into pleasurable
emotions of wonder and delight, similar to those produced upon the soul by distant
music echoing amid the hills and valleys in the quiet hours of midnight. Through the
blue haze that lingered o’er the scene, we traced the bold outlines of the towering
peaks of the distant range of the Sierra Nevada; while before us, or rather beneath us,
spread the verdant Valley of the Yosemite, encased in lofty and picturesque walls of
granite, and fertilized by the transparent waters of the Middle Fork of the Merced River.”
– Warren Baer, “A Trip to the Yosemite Falls” appearing in the Mariposa Democrat, August 5, 1856

August 2016

The third Senses of Place Box is an ode to Yosemite National Park, which celebrates its 100th birthday on August 25, 2016. From its majestic mountains and lush meadows, to its raging rivers and celebrated wildflowers, Yosemite offers so much inspiration for native plant lovers, camping enthusiasts, hikers, CA natives, and tourists alike.

The box includes 5 limited edition herbal products handcrafted to evoke the character of one of America’s oldest National Parks. All Senses of Place Box products are inspired by a specific place and feature local plants and herbs that grow in the area. Each box comes with an illustrated booklet highlighting the area’s history, flora and traditions, and detailing the benefits and uses of each of the products.

NOTE: This is a limited edition product and only a single batch of 20 boxes will be available. The boxes are packaged beautifully and make great gifts for friends or loved ones.
There are still a few boxes left. Order here>>

Products included in the Big Sur Box:

Illustrated Zine –  A hand-sewn booklet featuring stories about Yosemite’s history, plants and traditions with original botanical sketches by Caitlin Harvey (pictured above).

Yo-Semite Herbal Vinegar – an herbal vinegar infused with California Bay Laurel. Add a dropper to water and drink in the morning to stimulate digestion, add to food as a simple seasoning, or mix it up in a salad dressing (recipe included).

Big Trees Balm – The Giant Sequoias of the Mariposa and Tuolumne Groves were some of the first features documented in the accounts of Joseph R. Walker’s 1833 expedition to Yosemite. The Big Trees Balm is made with a blend of nourishing oils infused with rosemary, cedar, and Douglas fir to recall the healing and cleansing properties of Yosemite’s Big Trees.

Tuolumne Meadows Facial Grains – Inspired by the wild roses and elderflowers that bloom in the Tuolome Meadows in summer, these facial grains are versatile and can be used as a cleanser or mask. Oatmeal and almond flour nourish and moisturize, rose and elderflower provide texture and healing, and clay pulls impurities to the surface.

Ahwahnee Dream Pillow – Inhale the soft scent of rose, lavender, and mugwort to lull you to sleep while heightening your awareness and memory of your dreams. Each pillow is hand sewn.

Sierra Nevada Granite Totem – Feel grounded and majestic as you meditate with this small granite totem.



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