Senses of Place Box #1: Big Sur, California

Senses of Place Box #1 features Big Sur, California…one of the most wildly beautiful landscapes on the west coast. Big Sur is located along the dramatic central coast of California where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. This spectacular intersection of land and sea has inspired artists, writers, and bohemians for centuries. Big Sur has a truly unique sense of place, and I hope to share some sensory impressions of this coastal landscape with you in this first installment of the Senses of Place Box series.

The purpose of the SOP Box series is to evoke the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings that define a place and give it meaning. Each box includes 4-5 hand-crafted herbal self-care products created to evoke the character of the place. Items may include a tea, scrub, infused oil, balm, elixir, or other product inspired by the unique qualities of the place featuring plants that grow in the area.

monkey flower_croppedfennelwhite sage
Big Sur Plants (L to R): Monkey Flower, Fennel and White Sage

I plan to launch at least one box per season and pre-orders will be available on the Senses of Place Etsy shop about a month in advance of shipment. I post regular updates and announcements about this and other projects on Instagram (@sensesofplace). An illustrated booklet compliments the products in the box and features quotes, artwork, recipes, and stories about the people, locations and traditions associated with this important place. The information is not meant to be comprehensive and will hopefully inspire you to follow up with some of the resources listed in the Sources/Further Reading section at the back of the booklet to learn more. I hope that as you use each of the products in the box, you will read the booklet content to help you gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the product and its inspiration in Big Sur.

Please enjoy!

Gretchen A. Hilyard
Founder and Curator, Senses of Place

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